Complencency of Customers
  1. Aanjana took meticulous care and attention in building our new home. They are knowledgeable and always keep up with the current trends and strategies. Everyone worked with us to build the home we wanted within time frame. We are very much pleased with our new home.
  2. Aanjana has a tremendous knack for picturing the end product during conceptualization. Their vision and creative suggestions, as well the ability to communicate them provided us with the perfect home with touches that make it ours.
  3. The experience of Aanjana in the construction field has given us the confidence and trust to buy our new home from them. We appreciate their dedication and recognize that what they do is above and beyond what many builders would do.
  4. This was our first home building and buying experience. We always felt Aanjana to be very trustworthy all through the entire project. Aanjana was always helpful and came up with many creative ideas that allowed our home to feel truly 'custom' for us."