Marching towards milestones

Envisioning to become a recognised concern in representing the construction and property development industry in India, creating notable properties throughout our vicinity.
J.T. Sathish Kumar, Managing Director

Beginning the jouney of pursuit of quality and skill in the year 1999 at Chennai, Aanjana life spaces has been reputed and respected name in today's construction arena. For more than two decades, Aanjana has carved a permanent niche for itself by adopting quality system standards that matches the best. With a number of successful projects to our name, we aim to be the trendsetters in the business. Our impeccablity has been built on the strong foundations of service, quality and punctuality.

Nurtured with utmost care, Aanjana has promoted many residential and commercial developments in prominent locations of the city. With a rock solid foundation, a formidable past and a spirit charged with endless possibilities, Aanjana has manoeuvred itself as an all-round performer. With the contentment of many happy families and clientele, we are well entrenched in Chennai and stand tall on the edifices of our success by the commitment of giving the customers not just desired but beyond the desired.